Overleg:Explosie in Londens metrostation, mogelijk terreurdaad

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@De Wikischim: A newcomer wrote about this event on English Wikinews. They have submitted it for review. Just in case you want a few more points to write about, in the story (en:Parsons Green: 'Explosion' reported on London Tube train) (but yes, that English article is not very long, but reasonable for a newcomer)
Acagastya (overleg) 15 sep 2017 16:49 (CEST)

And on Spanish Wikinews es:Una explosión en el metro de Londres dejó varios heridos, se presume de un ataque terrorista.
Acagastya (overleg) 15 sep 2017 16:55 (CEST)
Thanks for the extra link to Spanish Wikinews. De Wikischim (overleg) 15 sep 2017 17:04 (CEST)