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Is it possible this account is yours: Gebruiker:Nieuwstweets? Livenws (overleg) 10 okt 2017 13:27 (CEST)

@LIVE NIEUWS: no, it isn’t mine. Last week, I searched on Twitter for wikinieuws. I wasn’t expecting, but I found the account. When I cross checked, the feed matched with Dutch Wikinews content. So I followed. I thought either you or Ymnes would have the credentials. Why, is something wrong? (Neither the Wikinews account nor the Twitter handle is mine)
Acagastya (overleg) 10 okt 2017 13:32 (CEST)
No, we do not know who created this, therefore the question. Of course there is nothing wrong with a Twitter account, more than welcome. Thanks for replying! Livenws (overleg) 10 okt 2017 14:08 (CEST)
I'm hereby reaffirming that Acagastya isn't me. She or he started following me a few days after I created the account. The other follower is one of the regulars on nlwikipedia, but he also isn't me. Nieuwstweets (overleg) 10 okt 2017 15:21 (CEST)