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@Ymnes, De Wikischim: I have changed the image, and the current text is in Dutch. In case you need to tweak the wordings, you can do it on codepen. link. I strongly suggest using a local copy of the image since anyone can change file on Commons, and on Wikinews, nothing should change after archive. Also, images should have image credit.
Acagastya (overleg) 31 dec 2017 09:36 (CET)

@Acagastya: Thank you very much for the graphic and letting us alter it. Your translation is very good! Only "begin van de 1980s" is not how we say it. To do it in correct Dutch, this would have been "begin van de jaren 1980". This is quite long and "1980" will end up in the graphic around the place where the 1990s begin. That's why "1980" is in fact good enough, because 1980 is the beginning of the 1980s. Glimlach.
There's no difference between Commons and Wikinews: images could be altered here as well as there. Next to that, on Commons, it isn't really allowed to do major changes to images, that change the signification of it. One can even be blocked for that, because you're supposed to make a new upload of it. That is save enough to not have own images over here. Dutch Wikipedia doesn't have own images either (except for images that are felt historic for the project).
Thanks for the help! Ymnes (overleg) 31 dec 2017 09:52 (CET)
@Acagastya: Uitgevoerd Uitgevoerd Glimlach Thanks! Ymnes (overleg) 31 dec 2017 10:10 (CET)
@Ymnes: No, that is not what I mean -- political maps and graphs are some of those files which can be updated indefinitely. I have also seen an experienced user on Commons getting 24-hour block for three reverts as they were indulged in a dispute with other editor with political territory of the map. The problem is: the files used on news articles can not change after the article is archived. [For example, File:Map of the African Union.svg]. I wrote an article about some country requesting to join the union, and I had used this photo. You can see in the version history, the updates were made to the file, and not updated a new version.]
Acagastya (overleg) 31 dec 2017 11:07 (CET)
Please don't try to change our rules. Wikinews in English functions differently. We don't archive for instance, so we're like Commons. We don't have the copyright skills here either. Ymnes (overleg) 31 dec 2017 11:09 (CET)
@Ymnes: You might not have archive policy, but there might be some kind of restriction to edit. Can anyone keep on editing a news article after publishing forever? [if there is a rule against it, then it involves everything on the page including the photos. It is just to be on the safer side.]
Acagastya (overleg) 31 dec 2017 15:35 (CET)
It's okay like it is Acagastya. This week, even an article on an event from 2012 was written. We don't have a lot restrictions, because we believe it's better for the project. But there's no need to do something with files either, when there is yet such a good brother like Commons. Ymnes (overleg) 31 dec 2017 16:24 (CET)