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Overleg:Frankrijk passeert Brazilië in aantal gevallen van COVID-19

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Laatste reactie: 1 jaar geleden door Saskeh

De Wikischim, thank you so much for translating my news posted in Dutch. I would just post interwikis "{{w|}}" for someone to handle the rest of the translation, differently the staff in the Spanish version, who are lazy to translate and do not edit for correction. Saskeh (overleg) 2 aug 2022 05:20 (CEST)Reageren

Hello Saskeh, could you maybe specify your question a little? "{{w|}}" serves to link from here to a relevant Wikipedia article. De Wikischim (overleg) 2 aug 2022 11:13 (CEST)Reageren
The case "{{w|}}" was supposed to use it on the interwikis in WP-NL articles/pages (example: {{W|Brazil}}). But that's ok, I'll edit another time. I only mentioned the case of translation in Dutch version with Spanish. Saskeh (overleg) 3 aug 2022 01:05 (CEST)Reageren