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@Zanimum: Thanks for the photographs again! (the article is on the "pagina"-tab) I combined both events and just show a couple of photographs. With the current way the viewer has many ways in the article though that will lead to your articles as well (90% of the Netherlands / Flanders speak English), the categories on Commons and the articles of last year. I searched for a practical way for our Wikinews. Thanks and keep up doing this nice work! I'm glad you're doing it every year again Glimlach Ymnes (overleg) 22 mrt 2019 18:29 (CET)

Dank je, @Ymnes:! I always appreciate your translations! -- Zanimum (overleg) 23 mrt 2019 14:50 (CET)
@Zanimum: Graag gedaan ('done with pleasure') Glimlach Ymnes (overleg) 23 mrt 2019 14:55 (CET)