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Dear @ANGwiki: I have a couple of remarks about your article. After a revision, I did publicize it.

However, I didn't place it on the main page. People can find it in three categories on Wikinews though. The reason is that in fact every language version has its annual party annually :-) So it's not big news for us. Maybe you were mistaken that Dutch (nl.wikipedia) is not the same as German (Deutsch, de.wikipedia).

I needed to revise your article. I guess that you have used translation software, and that you don't speak German or Dutch. For instance; "Leserinnen und den ehrenamtlichen Autoren und Autorinnen" are not "ere-lezers en auteurs" ("honorary readers and authors"). As as matter of fact "ehrenamtlich" is German for "volunteer work(er)". There were some other things that should have been put in Dutch differently as well. Take care! :-) Ymnes (overleg) 21 mrt 2019 15:02 (CET)