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Welcome to Wikinews in Dutch!!

I want to... a sysop/administrator to ..., visit: Wikinieuws:Verzoekpagina voor moderatoren#Overig
...request a botflag, visit: Wikinieuws:Aanmelding botgebruikers with other users of Wikinews, visit our café/village pump: Wikinieuws:Redactieruimte
...request more options on this page, visit the talkpage of the user who created this page or request for it in the café: Wikinieuws:Redactieruimte see which babel-templates exist on this wiki, visit: Categorie:Wikinieuws:Sjablonen babel
You can use the template {{Babel|xx|xx-2|....}} with the xx replaced by the languagecodes.
Or add a single user-template to your userpage by using {{Gebruiker xx-1}} or as native speaker {{Gebruiker xx}}.
If a language-template is missing, let us know on the talkpage of this help page.