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Request flag for User:DorganBot[bewerken]

Operator: User:Dorgan (hu:User:Dorgan)
Bot name: DorganBot
Tasks: Interwiki linking using pywikipedia.
Bot has requested a flag on hu, cs:wikinews and has on en, de, fr ro, ru, hu ... wikipedias

Thank you! Dorgan 13 jun 2008 09:25 (UTC)

There are several complaints on your usage of interwiki bot. See hu:User vita:Dorgan. On this wikinews this edit was reverted too. HenkvD 14 jun 2008 14:31 (UTC)

Request botbit for User:IwaimBot[bewerken]

  • Operator: User:Iwai.masaharu (ja:User:Iwai.masaharu)
  • Bot name: IwaimBot (Python; Pywikipedia SVN)
  • Tasks: Interwiki linking
  • Bot has a botbits: ja.wikinews and ja.wikipedia
  • Bot has requested a botbit: en.wikinews

Thanks. --Iwai.masaharu 12 jul 2008 16:16 (UTC)

As there is not much activity on this wiki it is not very usefull to have a botbit. Your actions are welcome anyway. HenkvD 10 apr 2009 17:57 (UTC)